The purchase of property in Croatia  

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The purchase of property in Greece

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The purchase of property in Turkey

Unlike many other countries, the presence of a lawyer or a public notary is not obligatory. A property can change ownershio only in the “Tapu office” (land registry office). Notaries and lawyers have no input with land registrations. If the foreign buyer is personally present at the official entry in the land register (Tapu registers), the law requires the presence of a sworn in interpreter.

In addition to the Tapu there also an "Iskan" must be available. It is the approval of the community, that the property may be used at all.

Among other things, one needs an Iskan for the application of electricity and water. If a property is used without Iskan (e.g. a not yet completely finished property), one gets electricity and water bills only at irregular intervals. They are much higher, because the electricity and water consumption is much higher during the construction phase than in normal use.

The necessary registrations with authorities and other offices takes some time and expertise. Essentially, this involves the following:

    -  request of a tax number

    -  opening of a Bank Account

    -  request for property ownership transfer

    -  registration in the land register on the name of the prospective customer

    -  request for for Electricity and Water

According to the personal circumstances and wishes of the customer there may be later on

     -  requests for residence permits

     -  request for phone line and internet access

     -  TV / SAT

     -  car registration

     -  management and rental service of the property etc.

Registrations must be made either in the presence of the prospective buyer/buyers, or by legal person who is in possession of a notarized power of attorney. In general, you can give the real estate company such power of attorney so that everything can be carried out without any additional costs. The prospective buyer or seller can also hire and empower a lawyer or a trusted person with these issues.

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