The Croatian Adriatic is not yet as overrun as the coasts of Italy and Spain. People who have enough of crowded beaches and gigantic hotel complexes and who also can accept pebble beaches, should consider the peninsula Istria as a destiny for vacation or permanent residence, e.g. in winter time or old age.

The peninsula, with its countless small bays, the crystal-clear water and many small beaches is a paradise, not only for sunbathers. Culturally or historically interested people and those who like cycling or pursue water sports, will also be pleased. Besides numerous national and nature parks invite to enjoy the beauty of scenery and nature, far off from mass tourism, and to take pleasure while wandering in tranquility.

Another good reason is the uncomplicated and relatively short trip by plane or even by car. The most popular holiday region of Croatia therefore is suitable even for families with young children because it’s practically "on the doorstep"of Central Europe. Flight duration London - Pula about two and a half hours.

Almost 300 sunny days a year, pleasantly warm and rarely very hot summers and mild winters create conditions which everybody would like to enjoy, not only on vacation, but preferably during the whole year.

Information about the region and the climate can be found here: Guide Istria and Weather Conditions.



The Greek Aegean Sea is the most northern part of the eastern Mediterranean and lies between Greece and Turkey. More than 3000 islands, only few inhabited, belong to Greece. The majority is located in the Aegean sea. To the undoubtedly most popular destinations in the Cyclades, situated next to the Turkish coast, belong the islands of Syros, Mykonos, Paros and Santorini.

The eastern part of Greece in the Aegean and the Peloponnese also offer ideal conditions for holiday and permanent residence. Not only because of the Mediterranean climate with very warm summers and mild winters, but also because of many places of interest, the friendly, hospitable people and - last but not least -  the crystal-clear water. Have a look at the video Greece at a Glance - Aegean Air at Vimeo!

For people who want to explore the coastal region or the islands off the tourist paths, it is advisable to rent a scooter or a small car, if they don’t want to take part in the offered day tours. From June to September, the Meltemi, a northern wind, ensures good weather and clear vision, conditions especially appreciated by yachtsmen.

In order the stay becomes a real pleasure, the accommodation is an important criterion too. In addition to hotels of different categories, there is also an impressive range of apartments and villas that can be rented or bought. Lots of restaurants, shops and markets guarantee a good supply with typical Greec food, fresh fish, vegetables and fruits

Information about the region and the climate can be found here: Guide Aegean and Weather Conditions

The Turkish Aegean Coast with Izmir in the centre, reaches from the Dardanelles approximately down to Marmaris in the south. Larger cities in this region are Cesme, Kusadasi, Didim and Bodrum. Further to the southeast follows The Turkish Riviera, reaching from Antalya to Anamur.

The Turkish Coastline meets all requirements for vacation or a long-term stay for pensioners. Besides more than 300 days sunshine in the year it offers beaches, crystal clear water, natural landscapes, mountains, forests, ancient cultural sites and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Izmir, Bodrum and Antalya are only 4 - 5 flight hours far from various British Airports. Annually more than a million of British tourists are visiting the country and many have have already purchased apartments and villas - initially just for the holidays, but also to enjoy retirement in pleasant surroundings and their own homes in future.

The low price level in Turkey and a favourable exchange rate are good reasons to think about living there. After some trouble in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara, “Turkey sees number of overseas property buyers increase and the 180 day rule governing how long you stay out of Turkey to avoid cancellation of a family permit may be removed.

Information about the regions and the climate can be found here: Turkish Aegean, Turkish Riviera and Weather Conditions Turkish Aegean  and  Turkish Riviera


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